Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father’s Day 2001

"Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgements and unfathomable His ways!"
Romans 11:33 (NAS)

From the journal of Cathy Glynn - June 16, 2001 "Father, Daughter"

In memory of my dad, Lawrence Christopher Glynn (6/11/31 - 1/20/69)

'"All this week, my neighbor and his daughter have been playing in our tiny pool outside my window. Because of this precious relationship that I've observed of Samantha's dad's great love for her, it has been a great example to me, a very real, very tangeable and real-life experience watching them have precious time together.

Samantha has been learning to swim. She's about 3 years old - adorable, too! Her dad carries her to the pool in the warm afternoon sun to get wet! Listening to their interaction has been precious. Watching the joy on her dad's face as she's so afraid, unsure, mad, stubborn - is really fun to watch. It's odvious her dad is in complete control of the situation and he isn't going to let anything bad happen to her.

This picture of father and daughter for me has been a wonderful way to see God's view of me. God is ALWAYS right there for me! If I start to flounder or become frightened, He is right there, with His arm stretched out for me. He watches with a big smile, laughing, taking great joy in me as I learn to really trust Him and watching me learn how to swim. He shows me how to kick my feet, He gives me a floatie to hold me up and there's a few cool toys to play with, too!

He initiates some fun games and even some drills to teach me how to trust Him and to do things I don't know how to do. He even holds me tightly when we do something that causes me to fear. Sometimes He hides under the water from me and I can't see Him. Sometimes I just want Him to get out of the pool, leave me alone and go sit on the Scooby-Do towel. Sometimes, I just want to get out of the pool when I see Him there in the warm sun, to rest beside Him on that towel, warming myself - just to be near my Father.
It feels so right! It feels so good.

I like it when God is around, when He is near me. I like how special God makes me feel. I like how loved I feel when I am with Him. Hearing Samantha's laugh, her determination, her stubbornness, her demands, even her un-trust, has made me look at myself.

I tend to think I know better than my Father. Samantha's dad would say, "time to get out and go eat", and she would respond, "No!” with that classic wining voice of a stubborn child. He would ask Samantha if she was cold whenever he would see her teeth chattering, and her response was, "No." But her dad knew she was not being truthful. He would say “It's time to go, Samantha,”
and she would say, "No! I don't want to”! Talk about seeing yourself in the mirror!!

I'm grateful for the little pool outside my home and for this week of observation and reflections of Samantha and her dad. It's just what I need this Father's Day because I find myself wallowing in sorrow and even grieving that my daddy isn't here with me for Father's Day like everyone else...a deep sadness comes over me, but God has become my Father and I am satisfied!!
God, thank you for turning my sorrow into great joy in You, being my Father who loves and adores me SO much!

God, my Father, thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for Your tolerance of me & my attitudes, my words & my deeds. Thank You for Your grace that covers me when I am so unreachable. God, thank You for how you look at me: in adoration, as precious in Your sight, You're proud of me and You never want to lose sight of me - I'm too precious to You! You have always been my Father and You always will be my Father.

God, thank You for how You keep Your distance, but You're always just within arm's reach. Father, thank You for Your words, Your precious words to me, Your sweet voice, Your caring heart that flows out to me in Your words.
Father, thank You for how safe I feel with You, for how safe I AM with You. Thank You for having a plan for my life and that in the midst of it, we have our special "pool-time" each day.

To God be all the glory!!! AMEN!! '

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a God Friday!

I've been meaning to post but ofcourse life just runs over you sometimes. I can't let this ONE ride!

As some of you know we have been praying for my granddaughter Makaylas salvation. We'll in the last few weeks we have noticed her sentivity to the Lords nudging. The last time I asked her(early last year) if she would like to ask Jesus into her heart she flat out said no. Well, It concerned me that she would just say no. She finally confided in me that the reason was that she didnt want to get in front of all those people and get babtized. So I explained that she didnt have to do that right away and she could do that when she was ready. But she wasnt ready for Jesus yet anyways.

Well at Kite day she was excited of course for the day. She was claping and singing in service, which she had never done before. She always tries to talk us out of going to BIG Church. LOL She loves her kids class. Later that day at kite day she had a Lady bug land on her and she was just enjoying that little tiny creature. Some white haired wise man told her that Lady bugs bring good luck! So two small events happened that day that reminded her of this good luck. Well I told her that maybe God was blessing her. She paused for a moment and said "Maybe, it was because I was singing to HIM today!" I said "Yes, probably so!" She said she was singing because she was excited about Kite day. So I said "maybe the way you were excited about Kite day is same way God is excited about you singing to Him"

So Good Friday camp comes around. Fred said he saw her having a great time and particpating in singing and trying to answer questions. When they asked if anybody was ready to make Jesus the boss of their lifes she picked up her head, later she told us she just wanted to see how many kids were going to do it. Well all the way home Fred said she kept asking questions.

So we are at home Good Friday evening watching, what else but cartoons. Well this one cartoon had a dog that was being mean and chasing a little kitten. This dog crashes into a lamp table and the lamp crashes on his head and he ends up dead in hell. So ofcourse she started asking more questions now about heaven and hell. This day should be called GOD friday.

So we answer her questions and she said I want to go to heaven I dont want to go to hell. We told her what the bible said that hell is like and what heaven is like.

So I asked her if she was ready to say the prayer she could do that now and know she was going to see it one day, but that the words had to come out of her mouth. I could not pray it for her but that she can repeat after me. So she did and I think Fred and I just thought it was not real like a dream. LOL

Today I saw her and the first thing she told me was that her and a friend were talking about Passion of Christ movie. I said how did you get to talking about that? She told me she couldnt stop sing the songs she learned at Good Friday Camp and one of her friends heard her singing. Her friend told her "I know those songs!" And that they started singing and talking about there churches. AND that another friend was saying she never been to church so they were telling her about there churches.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Epic friends,

I felt led to post.

I am incredibly struck this week on how many of us are waiting on an answer from God. Our situations are different, our questions are different, yet most of us are waiting on God to speak to us.

Saw the movie 'Knowing' today. Disturbed me. Granted this movie is based on a fictional story with some biblical references thrown in. It talks about the end of it in the day of pentecost. If one is a believer, then you believe there is a day when the end of life as we know it on earth will end and we will go to the life eternal. So in that sense, we are already waiting on the end that leads us to the beginning of new life. So essentially, not only are we waiting on life answers, but waiting on new life.

I haven't blogged in awhile. Actually, this blog is for Barbara C. who mentioned the other day that I blog and she doesn't. I am blogging here before I even touch my own blog. How funny that when life throws me a desert situation (referring to God putting the children of Israel in the desert until their answer from Him came) that I shut down, isolate and dont communicate well other than to say I am fine. That is my standard answer for everything. I am fine. I think it is a human one, too. We are DYING inside over something yet to the world at large we are just fine. I am encouraged by those of us who actually say I am not fine, this is what is wrong.

Back to waiting. We are all waiting. But my friends, after watching this movie today, we can KNOW THAT WE KNOW that we wait in hope. Jesus=Hope. It is what spoke to me through the fictional 2 hr movie. God is our hope. In Him and Him alone we have hope and a future. We need to SHARE our hope as we wait on our answers because we are not promised tomorrow. I can think of 10 friends I will be communicating with this week because I want to share my hope with them, as in NOW.

The answer I hear today is not that my life is set with money and a great job. My answer is get out and tell my friends and family about a hope that can never fade or be taken away. Read Psalm 40 this week. We can sing a new song.


And this is for those of us waiting on an answer to a desert situation...this song speaks to me, hope it does to you, also.

Friday, March 20, 2009

From “The Power of a Praying Woman Bible” by Stormie Omartian
Going Deeper
Thank God For His Love

Read and consider Zephaniah 3:8-20

“The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:8)

The Lord is with you. What joy there is in knowing that God is with you! You always have a line of open communication with Him because He is omnipresent. Whether your prayers are long or short, the Lord hears them all. Thank Him that He is a God who is close to you.

The Lord is mighty to save. Rejoice that you have been snatched from the jaws of hell because of God’s great love. He has provided salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, and He accepts your repentance for sin no matter how many times you come to Him with a repentant heart. Thank Him for His salvation and continuing forgiveness.

The Lord takes great delight in you...He will rejoice over you with singing. Just as you rejoice in the victories of others, God will rejoice over you with gladness. Like the Father that He is, He is proud of His children. He is glad when you follow His will and live a life that will cause others to want to know Him. Thank Him for His joyful delight in you.

The Lord will quiet you with His love. In times of turmoil, if you turn to the Lord, He will quiet you with His love. There is peace in knowing that whatever circumstances come you way, God will be there to guide you through. In good times and bad, His love will comfort your pain and soothe your weariness. Thank Him for His peace in you.

Rejoice daily in this profound relationship you have with the Almighty God. Thank Him again and again for His presence and love in your life, even when you know you don’t deserve it.
God bless,
(with God, all things are possible. Matt. 19:26)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Missionary Needs

suzanne I have a missionary friend Suzanne who has been sharing Christ in Hong Kong and now believes it time to come home.  She needs to raise plane fare to get back to San Antonio and family.  You can read her blog at:

Possibly, you might have an extra blessing that you could pass on to Suzanne.  She has been faithful to God’s calling and now needs just a little extra to step into the new work God as planned. 

Her email address is:

You can drop a check off at Grace Point Church or surf to GPC and electronically deposit with a note that the donation is for Suzanne.  Either way, it will be a guaranteed blessing for all.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mr. Fred joins Bus Across America!

Mr. Fred agrees to bus with me across America and step into where God is working.  Maybe you want to join in the adventure by helping with Mr. Fred’s ticket costs or maybe you will pray?  Thanks for your encouragement to chase after a Lion in a pit on a snowy day.  Read more:  Bus Across America.

Who else wants to go?  Will be buying tickets next week.


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